Simplest Way to Learn Vietnamese when Moving in Vietnam

Moving to another country to work can be exciting yet scary. Moving to another country where English isn’t the native language can be frightening. You spend less time being excited by the new job or promotion and more time worrying how you will cope with the language barrier.

Language Acquisition Tip 1: There is no language gene all you need is a willingness to learn.

A simple way to make your move less scary is by learning the local language. Do not wait to go to Vietnam and immerse yourself into the culture to learn Vietnamese. Take the fear out of your move by being proactive. Opt to take a class, install an app, buy a CD or make yourself flash cards. Whichever method you choose, you will gain basic language skills even before you step of the plane in Vietnam. You can later expand your linguistic abilities as you live in the country.

Language Acquisition Tip 2: Vocabulary isn’t important.

When learning a new language, you often focus on grammar and vocabulary, and the written word. These elements are important at a later stage. Start off with basic from frequently used words and statements. Learn how to speak, how to sound out words. This will help you grasp the language quicker and you won’t get disheartened by forgetting vocabulary. Keep in mind, that you don’t know every word in the English dictionary.

Language Acquisition Tip 3: Listen to learn.

Listen to people speak. Hear how they pronounce different words. You can do this by enjoy coffee at a local coffee shop in Vietnam. If you are moving alone and don’t want to sit by your lonesome, watch local channels or Vietnamese movies.

Language Acquisition Tip 4: Don’t be embarrassed to carry a dictionary.

Starting to speak or learn a new language is a process. Every day or even every conversation can introduce new words to your vocabulary. Don’t be afraid to ask for meanings or to pull out your trusted Vietnamese to English dictionary to help translate. This act may bring a few amused smiles but can also bring earnest friends who will help you on your journey to fluency.

Language Acquisition Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to speak.

Speaking and making mistakes can be embarrassing but if you don’t speak you will never learn. The key to language acquisition (in a foreign country) is trying your hardest to speak in the language. There are many side benefits to mastering the language from getting directions from non-English speaking locals to making friends.

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