Child Upbringing in Vietnam

Social trends

Since the Vietnamese have large joint families, it is very common for a new born to grow up with parents along with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Traditionally the Vietnamese do not believe in the concept of a nuclear family. Hence maintaining discipline while raising a child is an integral part of the social Vietnamese norm. The child must learn to obey not only their parents but all elderly family members as well. The child must also learn to care for the family and respect family values and traditions. Interpersonal relationships and obligation towards the family are the prime values which are embedded in their minds by the parents, since their early childhood. It can be said that comparatively to any other part of the world, children in a typical Vietnamese family is bred up in a more orthodox way, where it is a social compulsion for them to obey their elders and put family values as the foremost concern in their lives instead of their own selves.


Another primary factor which has to be kept in mind during the upbringing of a child is education. Vietnamese parents lay a lot of emphasis on educating their children. It becomes a matter of pride for the family if a child grows up to be a learned person or completes a degree, though it is applicable mostly in case of a boy child. However with changing trends females are also encouraged on pursuing further studies. The child as well as the family of the child earns the respect of society if they do so.

The government of Vietnam provides for education of a child from kindergarten to pre-primary school. There are a number of public schools catering to the educational needs of many new born. Basic educations required for a child from the age of three months to six years are covered in these public schools. There are also a number of non government, non public schools coming up in Vietnam for this purpose.

Early childhood education

The main objective of this system is to ensure that all children from the age of three months to six years are provided with the minimal basic education needed for them to evolve as a good child and prepare them for the first grade. It is very important for the all round psycho-physiological growth of a child.

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