Child Bearing in Vietnam

The Vietnamese society usually believes in having a large family. But with urbanization this belief has ceased to exist. As Vietnam is one of the most populated countries in the world, a lot of couples restrict their family to two children at the most.

Child Bearing

Bearing a child marks a significant change in the pregnant woman’s life. There are certain restrictions, customs and traditions the mother to be has to follow, which are common in any part of the world. These would include food restrictions and drink restrictions and certain local beliefs that needs to followed.

Certain specific types of food diet are recommended for the pregnant women and strictly followed so that it would not affect the new born baby’s health in any adverse fashion. Typically one meal which is consumed by a pregnant lady will consist of rice, boiled ‘raungot’ and fish sauce. Raungot is a kind of vegetable which is also known as Sauropus Androgynus.

Everything which the ‘would be mother’ eats is cooked without oil, mostly boiled. Another kind of meal consists of lean pork boiled with fish sauce and added turmeric. Any kinds of fried, spicy and hot food including sea food are a strict no for a pregnant lady.

Common beliefs

It is a common Vietnamese belief that drinking herbal tea during pregnancy will help in improving the quality of breast milk, which will in turn be beneficial for the new born child. Apart from this any other strong drinks including wine, green tea and beer is restricted.

In Vietnamese society people prefer a boy child as compared to a girl child. It is believed that giving birth to a girl child is a curse upon a woman.

Though most women prefer to go through this experience of motherhood, a rising trend of abortions in Vietnam suggests that most women are not ready to expand their family as of yet. There are a lot of reasons involved which has led to this state in Vietnam. A large part of the Vietnamese population consists of young people who have reached their reproductive age. Most of this crowd contributes to the rising rate of abortion in Vietnam. Since the legalization of abortion in the year 1954, more people opt for one due to many sociology-economic factors. Major portions of this young generation do not know much about contraceptive methods. Sex education is not adequately provided to all groups of people, which contributes to abortion as much.

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