Living in Thailand – Beyond the Holidays

Statue on twilight time

You might have spent ‘fun holidays’ in Thailand, but relaxing for a couple of days and staying in the country are two different things. No matter what brings you to Thailand – whether it is your job, your education or your love for the place, you will have to learn a thing or two about this tourist’s haven, before you settle here.

There is more to Thailand than the sun-kissed beaches, national parks and stunning landscapes. Probably it is one of the first things that will hit you once you start earning a living in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

Language barrier

People in Thailand mostly communicate in Thai, while a significant portion also speaks Malay and Lao. You will be able to comfortably communicate with the natives in English, especially if you reside in bigger cities of the nation. However, stay prepared to be referred to as ‘farang’, which translates into foreigner in Thai.

Food delights

One of the most interesting aspects of living in Thailand is it’s cuisine. If you have a liking for spicy food, Thai cuisine will not disappoint you. Also, if you are open to trying a variety of food, in most cases food that may be a lot different than your staple diet back home, Thailand is the place to be. Word of warning: Don’t go by the looks when it comes to food in Thailand. Certain dishes may look outright rotten or may even smell awful, but remember it’s on the plate for a reason! Among the popular dishes are rice and noodles, and you will be frequently asked if you would like to have some ‘cowpat’. If you like rice, there is no reason for you to say no to it. (No, cowpat has nothing to do with cow!) The only downside when it comes to food in Thailand is that you may not find plenty of options to savor on, if you are a vegetarian.


Thai people respect foreigners in their nation and expect the same from them. However, be ready to get some attention if you are a Westerner. You will stand out from the crowd, especially while you are at places that are not popularly visited by tourists.

Cost of living

You will spend relatively less in Thailand, compared to other popular tourist destinations of the world. Even having a baby in Thailand or raising children will not increase your cost of living to a great extent.

Thailand is a pleasant place to live in, without being heavy on your pockets.

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