Five Pregnancy Myths from Thailand

Thailand has a rich history. Complete with its own culture and tradition, an aspect of life that is seen in every day streets, the Thai people respect and trust their past. Complete with glorious history, comes a few strange concepts that have stuck around. These myths are harmless, but they are interesting in that they let you better understand Thai culture.

Never attend a wedding if you are pregnant: Belief runs that if a pregnant woman attends a marriage, then the fates of the two parties may clash and cause the expecting mother to have a miscarriage. Similarly, attending funerals can be discouraged. Karma is very important, and any event that could potentially interfere with the mother and the baby must be avoided at all costs.

If you’re pregnant, your condition should be hot: it is important to keep your body fresh and healthy, while maintaining the ‘hot’ state. Onions, garlic, ginger, among other ingredients help the body to remain hot. Too much spice though, could make your baby hairless. But some coconut water would give your loved one healthy skin. Warm baths, warm food and warm drinks are the key elements to a healthy pregnancy.

You Cannot buy Anything for Your Baby Until After Birth: Another superstition that focuses on warding off bad karma, buying something for your baby from before may be dangerous. By buying or investing heavily into the child’s future before their birth, you may inadvertently tempt fate and face disaster. It is generally difficult to not be prepared before the arrival of the child, but many women still choose to believe in this myth, just in case. Telling someone that you are about to have a baby out side of your immediate family is also considered unlucky. After the first trimester, it is alright to tell your close ones and friends. It is believed that if the worst were to happen, it would happen within these first few months. Once you have crossed that hurdle, you can now openly tell everyone.

When giving birth at home: Many women still prefer home births over hospital visits in Thailand. Some strict rituals need to be followed for the safe arrival of the baby. All the windows and doors must left open and the mother left to face east to ensure a safe delivery. It is also important to have wards inscribed with number from one to nine in an effort to ward off evil spirits.

Determining the sex of the fetus: If the baby is active inside the womb, then he is a boy. If the baby is passive, then she is a girl.

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