Traditional Beliefs About Pregnancy in Taiwan

The Taiwanese have certain traditional and orthodox beliefs about women who are pregnant as per their culture, and certain superstitions, rituals and practises that they need to strictly adhere to while undergoing pregnancy.

Here is a brief list of certain dos and don’ts that the pregnant women of Taiwan are expected to adhere to in order to bear healthy and beautiful children:

  1. Pregnant women are not supposed to lift their hands or arms above their heads as this may cause the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.
  2. Pregnant women are advised not to stand on chairs or ladders for their own safety, lest they should fall and hurt the foetus.
  3. Women who are carrying are advised not to jump or run as this could cause premature labour or even a miscarriage.
  4. Pregnant women are advised not to work for very long hours or stand for too long, again for obvious reasons.
  5. Another superstition in Taiwan is that pregnant women shouldn’t use a scissors or knife as this could cause the child to develop a cleft palate. Or it could even cause damage to the baby’s eyesight.
  6. Another vague superstition is if the pregnant woman eats too much pineapple it could lead to a miscarriage. Eating too much shellfish could give your baby bad skin or a bad rash.
  7. Pregnant women should be sure to drink lots of 100% pure fruit juice in order for their babies to have healthy and beautiful skin.
  8. Another strange belief is that pregnant women in Taiwan mustn’t touch anything that is adhesive or sticky or even refrain from using glue during pregnancy as this could lead to your baby developing ugly birthmarks.
  9. Looking at pictures or portraits of beautiful babies and children while carrying a child can give the baby in the pregnant woman’s womb beautiful looks too.
  10. As much as possible, pregnant women shouldn’t allow themselves to get overworked, tensed, upset or stressed as this could cause the baby to develop a bad temper or an unstable personality or a bad temperament
  11. Another pretty weird belief is to avoid building baby nurseries while the woman is still carrying the child. This is because the baby inside the woman’s womb should not be subjected to the noise of banging nails into walls or any similar forms of drilling noises.

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