Giving Birth to a Baby in Taiwan

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Most of the parents would be worried about the facilities for childbirth, the pre-post natal care and the cost of delivery. Giving birth in a country like Taiwan which is a developed country, parents can be assured that they would be getting one of the best maternity care in the world. Childbirth is highly medicalized in Taiwan, but birthing centers and water birth is still available in some parts of Taiwan.

Expenses and insurance

Taiwan’s public National Health insurance scheme covers the maternity expenses, or people can opt for private medical facilities. Since Taiwan provides high-class maternity services, the cost at private hospitals can run into tens of thousands of US dollars and would be more expensive in case of a caesarian procedure. Most of the companies have their employees covered by a health insurance plan to avoid high health related expenses. Expats working in Taiwan become eligible for the national health insurance once they start working in the country, and the residents are eligible after they stay for four consecutive months in Taiwan.

Postpartum services

Taiwan provides excellent facilities for pre-natal and post-natal care. Most of the private hospitals have good medical advisors and nursing staff to make sure the expecting parents are made comfortable. Taiwan is very famous for its postpartum nursing/confinement centers to take care of their newborn. These centers focus on parenting, infant care, nursing and postpartum counseling and exercises. Some clinics also follow a ritual of Tso-Yueh-Tzu, a Chinese custom of postpartum month long rest. The nurses in these confinement centers are specially trained to take care of the mother and the newborn. They provide high-class facilities with visiting gynecologists and paediatrician. These centers may cost from $200-$500. Apart from the usual services, they also provide yoga training, spa sessions to make the mother comfortable. These facilities attract a lot of parents from other countries.

Some of the famous hospitals include Taipei Adventist Postpartum Nursing Care Centre, Yono Maternal Centre, Taipei Medical University Hospital  and the list goes on.

Healthcare for infants

The regular vaccination for the babies are covered by the Taiwanese government. Health clinics are available in all the districts and cities, and they keenly promote child health management.

Expats need not worry much in case they need to give birth to a baby in Taiwan as it provides world class facilities and is considered cheaper than the European and American countries.

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