All you Need to Know to Raise a Child in Taiwan

The ideal way to understand any culture is to observe the way they raise their children and educate them. If you are an expatriate in Taiwan then your child has the advantage of growing up as a multilingual. Though parenting is strict, children grow up in more amicable surroundings at home than in school and are more comfortable with parents than grandparents who are stricter. Since children in Taiwan are expected to be obedient to parents and other senior family members and obey them without any argument which is regarded as a sign of discipline. Taiwan is a well developed city, tourists and expatriate workers are likely to find all childcare products.

Caring for Infants and little children

Expatriate parents of little infants can try to make their own baby formulas from fresh fruits and cereals available in local markets or buy imported baby food at a slightly higher price. Since local formulas are slightly high in sugar it is advisable to stick to imported food for children as then you are confident about quality of ingredients. Clothes for children below teenage are fairly reasonable and of excellent quality as these are dumped by exporters that have overproduced or other problems.

Branded and unbranded toys can be purchased at large toy stores spread across the nation

along with other baby products like diapers, baby food, carriers, toiletries, strollers and medical care products that Western parents use regularly. As a parent you would have to help your child manage with local customs and regulations and develop a fluid manner of working things out until you are able to understand the local dialect better.

Educational facilities

Parents and education institutions play an active part in the education and overall growth of children even though they have busy lives as their families support them. The city provides varied choices of instruction for children like bilingual schools, Chinese schools and also international schools where the medium of instruction is English. Though government schools offer free education to children these are for Chinese medium schools only.

Medical facilities

Taiwan has excellent clinics and hospitals that cater to the needs of both locals and expatriates with equal care and dedication. The international hospitals in Taiwan have doctors and hospital staffs that have been trained in Western nations and expatriate patients feel more comfortable with them.

Raising your children in Taiwan and teaching them about Western values will be easy as they have child friendly society and all members of the family take an active part in raising children.

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