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Having a Baby in Thailand: Good Facilities at Reasonable Rates

The joys of expectant motherhood come bundled with indescribable insecurities and worries. If you happen to be in a foreign country and are generally unaware of what to expect, the experience can be downright harrowing. Fortunately, Thailand has plenty of hospitals that can look after you and your baby. Unless you find yourself in a particularly rural area, most hospitals tend to have modern equipment and trained doctors. Nurses are trained in midwifery, although it is the doctor who normally handles the whole procedure. read more

Pregnancy in Vietnam

Geography and population

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with an estimated population of about 90.5 million as per census of 2014. It is a part of the Indochina peninsula. Amongst the most populated countries’ in the world it ranks as 13th and as 8th amongst the most populated in all of Asia.

In Vietnamese culture it is preferred that they have large families, although with time this thought process has evolved, but mostly it is still remains a part of their tradition. As per a general Vietnamese belief an expecting mother mostly desires for a son more than a daughter because of the fact that a son supposedly carries on the family lineage. read more

Five Pregnancy Myths from Thailand

Thailand has a rich history. Complete with its own culture and tradition, an aspect of life that is seen in every day streets, the Thai people respect and trust their past. Complete with glorious history, comes a few strange concepts that have stuck around. These myths are harmless, but they are interesting in that they let you better understand Thai culture.

Never attend a wedding if you are pregnant: Belief runs that if a pregnant woman attends a marriage, then the fates of the two parties may clash and cause the expecting mother to have a miscarriage. Similarly, attending funerals can be discouraged. Karma is very important, and any event that could potentially interfere with the mother and the baby must be avoided at all costs. read more

Traditional Beliefs About Pregnancy in Taiwan

The Taiwanese have certain traditional and orthodox beliefs about women who are pregnant as per their culture, and certain superstitions, rituals and practises that they need to strictly adhere to while undergoing pregnancy.

Here is a brief list of certain dos and don’ts that the pregnant women of Taiwan are expected to adhere to in order to bear healthy and beautiful children:

  • Pregnant women are not supposed to lift their hands or arms above their heads as this may cause the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to stand on chairs or ladders for their own safety, lest they should fall and hurt the foetus.
  • Women who are carrying are advised not to jump or run as this could cause premature labour or even a miscarriage.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to work for very long hours or stand for too long, again for obvious reasons.
  • Another superstition in Taiwan is that pregnant women shouldn’t use a scissors or knife as this could cause the child to develop a cleft palate. Or it could even cause damage to the baby’s eyesight.
  • Another vague superstition is if the pregnant woman eats too much pineapple it could lead to a miscarriage. Eating too much shellfish could give your baby bad skin or a bad rash.
  • Pregnant women should be sure to drink lots of 100% pure fruit juice in order for their babies to have healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Another strange belief is that pregnant women in Taiwan mustn’t touch anything that is adhesive or sticky or even refrain from using glue during pregnancy as this could lead to your baby developing ugly birthmarks.
  • Looking at pictures or portraits of beautiful babies and children while carrying a child can give the baby in the pregnant woman’s womb beautiful looks too.
  • As much as possible, pregnant women shouldn’t allow themselves to get overworked, tensed, upset or stressed as this could cause the baby to develop a bad temper or an unstable personality or a bad temperament
  • Another pretty weird belief is to avoid building baby nurseries while the woman is still carrying the child. This is because the baby inside the woman’s womb should not be subjected to the noise of banging nails into walls or any similar forms of drilling noises.
  • read more

    Things to Know About Pregnancy and Child Birth in Malaysia

    Expatriates in Malaysia will go through a whole new experience if they are expecting a baby and would like to get childbirth facilities in hospitals at Kuala Lumpur. The private hospitals in capital city of Kuala Lumpur offer all modern advantages including trained doctors, latest facilities and staff that are fluent in English. Besides the advantage of low costs, these hospitals also provide emergency facilities and top quality medical care under the supervision of experienced doctors and nurses. These hospitals combine traditional care and natural childbirth techniques within a medical environment to provide the best of both worlds to their patients. read more

    Pregnancy Customs in Thailand – What Expats Need to Know

    A couple making a heart shape on the pregnant belly with handsThailand has a distinct culture and a rich set of traditions, which people here have been following since ages. If you are an expat living in Thailand and are planning to raise a family, you will be expected to abide by certain pregnancy related customs. Though it is not necessary that you follow all of them, it will help you be aware of what may or may not be expected of you during such times. Here is a look at some common and a few uncommon customs related to pregnancy in Thailand:

    There is no hype around ‘pregnancy’ read more