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Top Ten Things to Do With Your Kids in Bangkok

Having to take care of a child in a foreign country can be hard. Since you may already be unfamiliar with the city yourself, navigating your little one might require just a bit of research. Bangkok has a little something for everyone, and what follows is a list of ten things that you could do with your child today!

  • Siam Ocean World: Located two storeys beneath the Siam Paragon mall, this aquarium lets your child experience the life under the water. With over 30,000 creatures on display, both the variety and fame of its inhabitants can keep your child enthralled. With a 4D-Theater, a 270- degree underwater tunnel, and plenty of daily shows, this makes for an entertaining and educational outing. Open Daily: 9AM – 10PM
  • Safari World: About one hour away from Bangkok, the Safari World hosts animals and aquatic life. You can drive through the Safari Park, taking in all the sites, or go to the Marine Park, for its shows, souvenir shops and a more zoo-like setup. Open Daily: 9AM – 5PM.
  • Siam Park City: An amusement park with many attractions, it also has the largest wave pool in the world. A day full of thrill inducing rides, a water park, a dinosaur museum and rides made especially for children make this outing a pleasurable one. Open Daily: 10 Am – 6PM
  • Hajime Robot Restaurant: A Japanese restaurant with one main feature, the waiters here are robots. These waiters take care of everything from bring you your food, to livening things with a little song and dance. A one of a kind experience kids will love!
  • Siam Niramit: A stage show featuring over a hundred performers, this aims to bring to light Thai his and culture. Relying heavily on special effects, this show is bound to impress both children and adults alike. Show starts daily at 8PM.
  • Samut Prakan: Replicas of culturally relevant Thai buildings, Samut Prakan, or Ancient City is the ideal place to learn about Thailand’s history and culture. Open Daily: 8 AM to 5PM
  • Bangkok Doll’s Museum: Featuring work by the artist Khunying Thongkorn Chanthawimol, this museum showcases dolls that reflect Thailand’s tradition and culture. Open Daily: 8Am – 5PM
  • Bangkok Trickeye 3D Museum: Based around how art can be used to affect our perceptions, this interesting spot is both mind boggling and entertaining. Walk through the many exhibits and take in how placements and angles can change everything about the way we see the world around us. Open Daily: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: A treat for children, it is full of toys, clothes, electronics and pets. Open on weekends: 9Am – 6 PM
  • Parks: Bangkok is full of parts where you can take your children out for a fun and recreational evening. Some of the better knows parts are Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park and Lumpini Park.
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    Kid-friendly Places in Major Cities in Singapore

    The tiny island country of Singapore is one of the most family friendly destinations in Asia. The country setup has wide pavements that great to push around babies in strollers or buggies. It has many kid friendly places to visit. Some of these places will also enchant and delight adults. Here are five must see children attractions in Singapore:

    Night Safari

    Go on a night safari through the park that has no cages. Animals roam around freely in their natural habitats. The tram ride takes you through three different habitats rainforest, savannah and jungle. It is a chance to see nocturnal animals that are hidden or asleep during the day. This safari is also a chance to get a glimpse at some endangered exotic species. It is an attraction that is sure to delights both children and adults. read more

    Information Regarding Specific Kid-friendly Places in “Major” Cities in Malaysia

    Traveling to Malaysia is an adventure. The country offers a mix of attractions from cultural monuments to fascinating forest environments. These attractions will delight any adult. However, if you are travelling with kids do not despair, Malaysia has many child friendly attractions to keep them entertained. These attractions are suitable for a large age group from your toddling three year old to your fiercely independent teenager.


    If Johor is a stop on your tour through Malaysia make sure you stop of a Legoland Malaysia. This lego filled parks offers hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. read more

    Simplest Way to Learn Vietnamese when Moving in Vietnam

    Moving to another country to work can be exciting yet scary. Moving to another country where English isn’t the native language can be frightening. You spend less time being excited by the new job or promotion and more time worrying how you will cope with the language barrier.

    Language Acquisition Tip 1: There is no language gene all you need is a willingness to learn.

    A simple way to make your move less scary is by learning the local language. Do not wait to go to Vietnam and immerse yourself into the culture to learn Vietnamese. Take the fear out of your move by being proactive. Opt to take a class, install an app, buy a CD or make yourself flash cards. Whichever method you choose, you will gain basic language skills even before you step of the plane in Vietnam. You can later expand your linguistic abilities as you live in the country. read more

    Must See Destinations to Visit with Children in Vietnam

    Traveling with children is extremely different from traveling as a single adult or a couple. You cannot just pack a bag and head off on an adventure. You need to plan your holiday, book hotels and ensure there are child friendly attractions to visit. You need to ensure that you chosen destination has something exciting for both adults and children. These restrictions do not mean you have to stick to a 100 mile radius or visit only developed nations with well known theme parks. You can visit exotic locations from China to Vietnam, all you have to do is a little research and some advanced bookings. read more