Things To Do With Your Kids In Singapore

If you are looking for an interesting and family-friendly location to travel with your kids, then Singapore in Asia is your best choice. The immaculate roads, friendly locals and spacious hotels make travel easy and convenient. It is a Mecca for arts and culture, as street vendors and designer stores sell a wide cornucopia of goods from food items to daily use items from around the world.

Here is a list of top Singapore attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends

Sentosa – This is designed like a theme park on an island. It can be reached by cable cars from the mainland which also offer scenic views of the city. At Sentosa, there are a wide variety of attractions that will take at least a couple of days to enjoy while staying at a hotel nearby. Besides the vast aquarium displaying a stupendous variety of fish, children can also play around with pink dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon or play at the waterpark. Movie buffs can enjoy the Universal Studios or experience the excitement of a volcano at Volcano land.

Night safari – This is a great safari for adults and children. It is a nocturnal tram ride through a park containing free animals moving around their natural habitat. Tourists can experience travel through rainforest and savannah jungles and spot large number of exotic nocturnal creatures, some of which are threatened species.

Jurong bird park – There are around 8000 birds in this beautiful park representing species from all around the world and is spread across 20.2 hectares. To keep the birds as close to their natural surroundings as possible different sections have been created. African Waterfall aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, African Wetlands and Bird Discovery center are some among them.

Bumboat ride – Trip to Singapore is incomplete unless you take a ride in its traditional bumboat which takes people on rides down the Singapore River which moves around the city. You can enjoy the scenic view of old and new parts of the city from your own perspective.

Science Center and Botanical Garden – The science museum is an amazing place for children as it is spread over 20,000 square feet and has fourteen galleries that are packed with interactive exhibits that they can try out. The lush Botanical Gardens of Singapore provide a peaceful haven away from busy city life. You can enjoy a peaceful picnic with family among the different species of flowering plants and relax under lush foliage of large trees.

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