Place in Singapore your Kids will Love

If you’re living in a city with your kids, it is important that this city has a lot of activities that ca be done over the weekends or on holidays. Children get bored easily and it is imperative that they are involved in activities or go to different places for their overall development. Here are the top ten best attractions in Singapore that you can go to with your children:

1. Night safari at the zoo

Kids are always excited at the prospective of going to the zoo. While you can take your kids to the zoo during the day, the night safari at around 7 pm will be both new and exciting.

2. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore version of the Ferris wheel, it gives breathtaking views of the city, and is a gentle ride that lasts for half an hour.

3. Sentosa

Sentosa is an artificially made island off the mainland that consists of a lot of attractions that will be a source of attraction to your kids. It had the Universal Studio theme park and the Underwater World Aquarium.

4. The City

An interactive playground that resembles a city, it has supermarkets and police stations. The children can dress up and role play and learn a lot in the process.

5. Palawan beach

At Palawan beach there is an activity called Sandy Good Times, when on school holidays, sand sculptors will be present at the beach with shovels to help your little ones build the sand castle they want to.

6. Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink

If your children like skating, this might just be just the right place to take them. The rink is modelled in such a way that it looks like a real ice skating rink.

7. The Mall X-ploring robot zoo

This is an exhibit of robotic animals made entirely of junk and scrap metal. These models are large and lifelike and will certainly delight your children.

8. Enrichment Programs

Singapore has a lot of enrichment programs to develop skills of a child outside his/her academic curriculum. By enrolling your child into one of these programs, they can learn to play instruments or dance, depending on their interests.

10. The Lion King Musical

A childhood classic animated film turned into a musical, your child will definitely be raptured by this act. It is performed regularly at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands.

11. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

This activity allows your child to know more about botanical plants. It allows them to interact closely with nature.

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