Education System in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular countries in the world where parents want to raise their children. One of the primary reasons for this is the excellent education that children receive there. Singapore has a lot of top notch international schools with a wide array of students from all over the globe. The learning is not restricted only to the curriculum, but a lot of other enriching activities as well. Most of the children who have been educated there are fluent in more than one language.

How does it work?

Education anywhere begins with kindergarten and pre-school. In Singapore, kindergartens are not run by the State, but they have to be registered at the Council for Primary Education. The next years of education is the primary education. It is compulsory for all children who are 6 years old or older and lasts for 6 years. During these initial years, the main focus is on English, Math and one language of the students’ choice – among Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Children of foreigners or expats who are not familiar with these languages, can be exempted from learning it.

At the end of their primary education, the students write the PSLE – Primary School Leaving Examination – and based on the scores they are divided into academic groups. These groups are special, express, normal academic and normal technical. At the end of secondary school, the students write the GCE exams and proceed to either junior college, which lasts for two years, or a three year course that prepares them for university.

Education for international students

International students can be admitted to schools in two different ways. If they’re beginning the first year of primary education or the first year of junior college, the admission is directly done through the school of their choice. They are given a place in the school only if a seat is available. But if they’re joining during any other year, the admissions have to be done by the Ministry of Education. They will have to write an examination in September or October to begin classes in January of the following year. The test tests the skills of the students in English and Math. While expats can send their children to State schools, they prefer International schools instead. There are plenty of such schools in Singapore that an expat parent can choose.

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