Education for Children of Expats in Singapore

Expatriates with children need not worry about education system in Singapore as it is run under strict guidelines of Ministry of Education which subsidizes school education in government assisted public and private schools. It is compulsory for children to attend schools once they reach preschool age and the medium of instruction is English. Expats in Singapore generally educate their children in international schools which are available across the city though it is advised to carry out necessary research about it before enrolling your children in any particular school.

Public and private schools – Most of the good public and private schools in Singapore have long waiting lists and it is difficult for expats in Singapore to get their children enrolled in classes as preference is given to local citizens. As international schools are an expensive proposition, expats in Singapore prefer to enroll their children in local schools if they have been living for long in Singapore as their children become fluent in Mandarin. Westerners have problems in admitting their children into local schools as foreigners find themselves isolated culturally and teachers frequently employ corporal punishment which they find disconcerting.

International schools – Due to the large concentration of expats from around the world that find it difficult to assimilate their children in local schools, several international schools have sprung up in the city. These schools are recognized for their high standard of education and challenging curriculum which prepares students to handle competition and follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum comfortably. Parents relocating with school going children should carry report cards from previous school along with letter of recommendation about the child’s general behavior and interest in school activities.

Educational instruction in Singapore – Parents in Singapore place a high premium on educating their children and high expectations which can sometimes prove to be very stressful. But as children grow and watch the competition around them, they themselves work hard to push their boundaries. Teaching is pragmatic and focuses on factual and procedural transmission of knowledge to students so they can take semester end examinations with ease. Teachers rely on books and other teaching media to emphasize on mastery of specific procedures which will help them to master problems in mathematics. Education system in Singapore is a product of unique historical and cultural influences which is why its instructional regime is more structured and flexible than others. Its centralized educational system is well funded and follows a national curriculum making it easy to manage and make changes when required to improve and train teachers accordingly.

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