Working in Malaysia as an Expat

With its largely cosmopolitan and educated population, Malaysia is a well-developed nation with industrialized economy and flourishing sectors of manufacturing and international trade. Even with a fairly large Muslim population the women of Malaysia are liberal and work in its banking and education sectors. Its young education population is moving into services sector like finance, healthcare and telecom services.

Finding work

For expats in Malaysia, finding work will not be an easy task and it is advisable to first get a job and then work towards obtaining a work and stay permit for obtaining temporary stay in the nation. An expat in Malaysia would have to present details about his past activities and job profile in his home nation so he can get work permit, tax id and other required paperwork to work in Malaysia. The nation is ably connected internally and externally with trains, buses and airways making it an ideal destination to work and enjoy with family.

Job opportunities

There are a several job opportunities for people with experience in fields of engineering, education, banking, and tourism sectors along with oil and gas industries. If an expats in Malaysia know Malay or Mandarin besides English they will have an easier time working in Malaysia as these are the most frequently spoken languages. They also have to ensure that their work permit is current as Malaysian laws are very strict about illegal work permits which can lead to immediate deportation or imprisonment with fine.

Work and play

Local and international firms opening up offices in Malaysia can only hire limited number of foreign employees which restricts opportunities for expats in Malaysia seeking jobs. Being a politically and culturally stable country it attracts foreign businesses from across Asia, Europe and America which helps expats feel at home when they have to stay in Malaysia to work.

Malaysia is an exciting place to work and enjoy with family as it offers a wide choice of cuisines from all over the world and has vibrant culture which is the right mix of modern and traditional to give the atmosphere of old world charm. It has equatorial climate and long monsoon seasons along with dry season between June and October which leads to bush fires causing heavy pollution and respiratory problems among people or expats in Malaysia not accustomed to the local climate.

All large cities in Malaysia have shopping malls with western restaurants and foreign food brands which can help expats prepare their local cuisine. It is also recognized as a popular tourist destination in Asia with beautiful beaches, jungle resorts and vast tea plantations that have existed since British colonial times.

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