Things to Know About Pregnancy and Child Birth in Malaysia

Expatriates in Malaysia will go through a whole new experience if they are expecting a baby and would like to get childbirth facilities in hospitals at Kuala Lumpur. The private hospitals in capital city of Kuala Lumpur offer all modern advantages including trained doctors, latest facilities and staff that are fluent in English. Besides the advantage of low costs, these hospitals also provide emergency facilities and top quality medical care under the supervision of experienced doctors and nurses. These hospitals combine traditional care and natural childbirth techniques within a medical environment to provide the best of both worlds to their patients.

Expenses and facilities – The healthcare system in Malaysia works on three cost principles. The health insurance plans of local Malaysian origin do not cover maternity and childbirth expenses as they do not want to be responsible for complications that might arise during childbirth. However this does not affect expats as the average cost of check ups during pregnancy and natural childbirth is only around $2500 USD while a cesarean section childbirth is doubled at $5000, which is way lesser than costs of similar procedures in United States or Europe.

International health plan which is takeing care of expats by providing 95 percent of the costs related to maternity, childbirth and post operative complications that are likely to occur. Most multinational companies that have expatriate employees working in Malaysia cover them under health insurance plans to avoid any health related expenses.

Pre-post natal services – As most expats like to get themselves treated in familiar surroundings during pregnancy and childbirth, they can choose from pantai hospital, gleneagles and prince court medical center which employ experienced doctors and well trained medical staff. Besides ensuring that their patients are comfortable, they also prepare couples for their first few days with the new born. Now there are special wellness clinics that help women during the initial weeks of confinement after childbirth to help them acquaint themselves with childcare like bathing, giving massages etc.

Support groups for pregnancy and childbirth – To support expat pregnant women during the entire pre natal period, support groups have been set up at various locations that assist them through various stages with books, exercises and foods norms. After the baby is born women are offered classes on healthy eating habits, growth phases, and exercise for toddlers to help them grow.

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