Having a Baby in KL, Malaysia as an Expat

Having a baby in Malaysia may not be exactly the same thing as having a baby in your home nation particularly if you are originally a resident of any of the countries in West. But, having said so, there are several merits of giving birth to your baby in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Some of them include modern amenities, trained doctors from western countries, low cost of delivery and other medical expenses; several support groups and many more. The Malaysian Government as well as the medical community has been putting in all possible efforts to offer top-class medical facilities with a perfectly balanced blend of progressively thinking mindset and traditional but natural medicines. All the mentioned facilities are easily available within a contemporary medical environment in Malaysia. Thus, it is actually a win-win situation for all those expats who are giving birth in KL.

Hospitals and medical facilities in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the home for some good government as well as private hospitals. There are three very good private hospitals within the Kuala Lumpur metro area. However, there are other private facilities too but you need to check them out properly depending on your exact needs and the location convenience. Private nursing homes like Pantai Hospital, Gleneagles and Prince Court Medical Centre boast of excellent maternal facilities that have both shared and private rooms for the would-be moms with different options for delivery such as surgical, assisted and natural. Since traffic congestion is a common phenomenon in KL, most of the expats prefer to visit those hospitals that are located at close proximity to their homes. Such a decision is usually taken by the expats to avoid getting stuck in an insane traffic jam in the peak hours.

Kuala Lumpur’s ante & post natal services

Since Kuala Lumpur has a somewhat balanced mix of locals and expats, there are a large variety of medical assistance, practices and services to choose from. Malaysia enjoys a location advantage within the South-East Asia region unlike several western nations that qualifies it as an ideal place to try out both western and eastern style of medicine. Expats have the best options to choose from while having a baby in KL. Some of the popular service providers in the city are MyBidan, Hampden Wellness and Jenlia Maternal Services. These groups have been formed with an aim of providing ante natal and post natal services to the expats who are having their babies in Malaysia. They also help the expat couples to prepare for the childbirth and educate them about how their new life may be after the baby is born.



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