Child Raising in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is known for its contemporary facilities, lush greenery and pleasant weather. All these factors make the city a perfect place for raising children in Malaysia even if you are an expat. There are some fine options for your children’s schooling in the city and a string of activities and extra-curricular activities that are offered to the expat families who are moving to the city. The expats would thus find KL an easy city where they can keep their children happy and engaged.

There is an overwhelming positive attitude among the locals with respect to the expats’ children living in the city. The children of the expats are greeted warmly in almost all places in KL, a city which has accepted a host of different faiths and culture with open arms. KL takes pride in housing some of the fun attractions that are unique in their own ways. Kuala Lumpur is indeed a real gateway to the rest of Malaysia and a place where the families of the expats can be spoiled for limitless choices with jungles, beautiful beaches and other important cities where they can visit quite conveniently.

Medical facilities for kids in KL

Kuala Lumpur houses some of the finest hospitals of Malaysia and several of them enjoy immaculate reputations. Many of the expats can consult the local pediatricians who are attached to these hospitals for the health and immunization needs of their children. The postnatal and antenatal care is also quite good in the city; Expats can find a good practitioner for their children through word-of-mouth.

Taking children out dining in KL

KL is well-known for its exotic cuisines and the children of the expats would enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines along with their parents. Children get a warm welcome in majority of these places, from international chain of food joints to the local food courts and other fine dining facilities. There are several restaurants that are specifically set up for families with special menus for children, play areas for your kids and other extra family-friendly items such as coloring in-sets and plastic cutlery.

Parent networks in Kuala Lumpur

There are various parent networks in the city that serve as valuable source of support and information for the expat families who have moved to KL. For instance, Ibu Family Resource Group is a well-known organization connecting the parents of the expat and the local children through a host of resources such as support groups, seminars and playgroups. There are other expat groups that have networks for parents and affiliated playgroups. Many of the expat families reside in luxurious condos that offer a host of contemporary amenities for meeting the needs of children as well as adults from all across the world.


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