Challenges While Raising your Child in Malaysia

Settling down in a new country to work and stay which is vastly different from your in terms of language and culture can be a big challenge to most people specially if this is their first overseas visit. The vast differences in culture of Europe and Asia along with varied food habits and languages may be a big challenge for Europeans but the warmth of local people and large number of restaurants offering a variety of cuisine can help them settle down in Malaysia soon. It is generally easier for small children to settle down in a foreign location and start make friends at school than for teenagers. The best option for Europeans trying to live and work in Malaysia with children would be stay close to large cities as they have the best schools and medical facilities where staff can converse in English. The most common challenge that an expatriate may face while raising a young child in Malaysia area:

Weather conditions

Being close to the tropics, Malaysia is relatively hot throughout the year and outdoor activities are limited during daytime. People from cold nations may find it a little difficult to settle down but children can quickly get adjusted and can play indoors or in the late evening once the weather becomes cooler. Expatriate children born in Malaysia will have an easier time with the weather conditions here when compared to their elder siblings born elsewhere and parents.

Language barrier

As children and teachers in most private schools and international schools interact in English it may not much of a challenge for a child to get adjusted to the new environment. But during outside activities like sports clubs and shopping in malls, interaction can be a challenge as most people speak only the local language. However most expatriates stay in condos and close to people from their own homeland so children can find outdoor pastimes with other expats children.

Healthcare and education

All large cities in Malaysia have excellent healthcare facilities with doctors and nurses that have received training overseas and have pediatric facilities for taking care of young children which puts a lot of worries to rest. Education is not a problem either as expats can choose between private and international schools depending on their budget. At both these schools children will feel more at home as most expats admit their children here to help them cope with other children and also learn local language quickly.

Most expatriates that have moved to Malaysia enjoy their life and relaxed lifestyle along with affordable cost of living. Their general advice to newcomers is to increase your friends circle and go out with family on weekends.

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