Vaccination for your Newborn

Your baby’s first vaccination may be a bit of an ordeal, both for you and your baby. The tension and anxiety may be more if previous vaccinations did not go smoothly. It is important that you do a bit of research and then consult with a paediatrician about the vaccines your baby would require.

Overcoming the heart breaking moments of taking your baby for painful vaccinations and realizing the importance of vaccines is easier said than done. Nevertheless, forming a balance between the two is the essence of good parenting. It is not only the obligation on mothers to keep track of a baby’s vaccination schedule, but fathers have a big role to play here, too. It is the duty of fathers to console both the mother and baby during vaccination sessions and stay strong. Team work will eventually help you to cross the hurdle of vaccination without hiccups.

In India, your first step would be to make an appointment with a paediatrician and discuss the immunisation programme and have a thorough idea on which vaccines are needed and when. Keep in mind that few vaccines will need several doses in a particular schedule.

It is normal to find new vaccines being developed and even several for the same disease.  You might be baffled to choose from several vaccines for a particular disease. Not only that, the vaccines differ in the frequency of doses needed, the price or differences in the minor side effects. Nevertheless, for all the vaccines, the end result is the same. That means, the immunity of your baby grows no matter which version of a particular vaccine you decide for your baby. Your regular paediatrician in India will be able to help you to decide, taking these several options into consideration.

After you are done with selecting the vaccines and a schedule, it is now essential to stick to the vaccination schedule. It is necessary to constantly monitor your baby for unusual illness like fever, vomiting tendency or upset stomach. Discuss immediately with your paediatrician to decide whether you should continue with the vaccination or postpone.

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