Tips for Breastfeeding in India

Mothers who breast feeding their babies may find it daunting initially. It can be quite overwhelming, and usually takes a while to ease into a nice routine.  New mothers breast feeding for the first time discover that it is difficult to start, while others may face problems at a later stage.

If you find it difficult to be available regularly for breast feeding, you may take the help of breast pumps to store the milk. This allows feeding babies even when you are not at home. The reassuring feeling that your baby is being feded the much needed breast milk while you are away from home, will relieve you from tension. Good quality pumps are available at most chain pharmacies or you can also get them online. Along with pumps, you can also use breast pads to avoid unwanted stains while you are on the go.

In addition to pumps, you may want to keep a nursing pillow in your must-have list. A nursing pillow helps your posture while feeding your baby. It does a great job in preventing back pain and also sore neck and arms from regular breast feeding.  It also prevents from pressure being put on the belly, particularly if you had a c-section.  It is best to do a little study on the different types of nursing pillows available in India and choose one after discussing with other mothers around you or after going through reviews carefully.

As you ease into your regular schedule of breast feeding, it is normal to get cracked or bleeding nipples. You can apply over the counter petroleum jelly to remove the soreness. Mothers in India also apply ghee to cope with the problem. They usually apply the ghee for about 10-15 minutes, after which they wash it and use a soft towel to dry up the area before breast feeding.

To relieve you from the stress of breast feeding you can also join prenatal and postnatal classes ranging from three to four months in duration. These classes are very helpful to orient you with various aspects of baby care. You can also meett other mothers and share your ideas. These classes are slowly gaining popularity and joining one would greatly enhance your confidence in taking care of your baby.

Lastly, make it a habit to drink plenty of water and sticking to a balanced diet to keep you healthy, and have a good supply of milk for your baby.

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