The Best Places to Study in India for International Students

Increasingly, students from around the world are flocking to India to study. In the past few years, campuses and universities in India have attracted growing interest from foreign students because of the quality of education being offered and the fact that education in India is very affordable compared to the costs in the West.

Indian universities and educational institutions are climbing up the ladder of success and being ranked higher in global ranking surveys. Moreover, Indian universities are gradually beginning to embrace international curriculum and credit rating systems to ensure that their degrees are in no way lesser to those being offered around the world.

Recent surveys point out that India is a preferred destination for students from parts of Africa, South East Asian and the Middle East. Here are some of the top rated institutes and universities they are heading to.


The IT hub of India, has the biggest population of international students in the country. Bangalore is a youthful city is brimming with international schools that are thronged by expats. For your undergraduate degree, you can head to top class, autonomous colleges that are affiliated to Bangalore University. Apart from this, you can also enroll in leading institutions like the Indian Institute of Bangalore (IIM), Indian Institute of Information Technology and also the National Centre for Biological Sciences. With its cool climate and laid back pub culture, Bangalore is a student’s haven.


Every year, India’s most populous city, Mumbai, attracts hundreds of students from across the globe. In the last few years, Mumbai has made large strides in providing world-class infrastructure and education to overseas students. The Mumbai University, The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and The National Institute of Industrial Engineering offer an array of exciting and compelling courses that have found favor with a host of students. Moreover, Mumbai is India’s glamorous city and can offer students a variety of experiences that are suited to student life.


India’s capital, Delhi, is the perfect blend of the old and the new. Its hallowed universities – like St. Stephen’s, the University of Delhi and the Jawaharlal University – have produced leading lights in the field of politics, the sciences and the arts. For many years now, Delhi has worked on providing competent facilities to its international student population and has gone out of its way to make them feel welcome.


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