Pregnancy in India

Along with pregnancy comes a myriad of responsibilities. Starting from a safe pregnancy to post-pregnancy care of your baby, the journey can be daunting. Putting in the “abroad’ factor into this journey can make it even more challenging. Being away from family and friends, along with the cultural differences, can have a big impact on your confidence. But, being pregnant in India you can expect to be inundated with advice from every corner. You might feel overwhelmed with suggestions and opinions and you really have to streamline the advice from your well-wishers and at the same time make sure that you are equipped with all the information you need. Adapting to the foreign environment can be crucial on having a healthy pregnancy and subsequent delivery.


In India you can expect to find home pregnancy tests in most local pharmacies. Follow the instructions on the pack. Assuming the results show that you are pregnant, the next step would be to visit a gynecologist in the local private hospital. Private hospitals (Maternity) are preferable over government hospitals as they give you better services. Make sure to make a prior appointment over phone as the wait would be very long if you go without one.  You can expect most of the gynecologists to be warm, friendly and able to accommodate your concerns. Having said that, it is always best that you do a little research for yourself and make sure you understand the stages of pregnancy, what complications may arise, the tests required and expected delivery date so that you are on par with what the gynecologist might suggest and avoid hefty bills afterwards.


Apart from this, there will be no dearth of advice from the families of your Indian colleagues and friends. Most of them will be telling you myths and superstitions. Make sure to ask them if they have any scientific basis and you will find that slowly over time the narration of myths and superstitions die down. Your spouse is your best help. Work as a team to read up on and gather all the information you will need for the each stage of pregnancy.


All in all, there is actually no reason to panick if you are pregnant in India. You will find the people are supportive, private hospitals are modern and most of your maternity goods can be bought online if you don’t find them nearby.

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