Life Lessons You Children Can Learn from India

Multi-faceted India can offer plenty of lessons to onlookers and can be an eye-opener. India offers a myriad of experiences – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  Young children, especially, can pick up a few critical life lessons while in India. Here are a few lessons you little ones can learn from their life in India.

Celebrating diversity

Few other countries in the world can offer the diversity that India does. You will see diversity in practically everything. From religion to people to languages to cuisine, India is a land of plentiful choices. And while there have been roadblocks, Indians have managed beautifully to accept each other’s choices and live, for the most part, in harmony. Every day in India is a celebration of its diversity and most Indians go out of their way to ensure that this peaceful co-existence is never broken.

The importance of family

For Indians, family always comes first. Today, urban India is increasingly choosing to live in nuclear family units. But large sections of society still live in joint families. Family ties in India are strong and people value the relationships that they share with their siblings, parents, grandparents and even their uncles, aunts and cousins. Indians hold their elders in high regard and many Indians spend their adult lives ensuring that their parents and grandparents live in comfort and are taken care of.

Make the most of everything

Many people in India have a meager source of income and learn, from a very young age, to make the most of everything. Indians are great at cherishing the small joys in life and will find happiness in day-to-day accomplishments. For many, materialism is simply not worth pursuing and the smallest of gifts can put a huge smile on their faces. A lot of them will even find the heart to share whatever they have, however little, with those less fortunate than them.

Keeping cool

Due to its large population, day-to-day living in India can test and build your patience. Traffic snarls can leave you stranded for hours together, files in government buildings take their own sweet time to move, and life in general moves at a languid pace. Moreover, Indians have mastered the art of keeping their cool in the most frustrating and nerve-wrecking of situations and know how to expertly fend off the curveballs that life throws them.

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