Holiday Destinations for Kids – An Experience for The Body, Mind and Soul

Holiday destinations for kids are great many in number around the world, and therefore, there always remains some confusion about the right place to visit. India, with its numerous possibilities, with its fabulous tradition and ancient monuments, and its technology driven modernity is the best place to let kids understand the sheer greatness and scope of life.

In their formative years, kids need the whole spectrum of life to be exhibited before them; they need the whole rainbow of life in its different hues to unfold before them. This is how they imbibe the enormity of life and shape their outlook and goal in life. There is hardly any other place which offers a much in technical excellence, family traditions, spirituality, culture, and rich ancient history as does India.

In addition to all this and within all this, India is an enjoyable place to spend holidays. Here are some its holiday destinations for kids.

Bangalore: This city is perhaps the best representative of all that India is today. Bangalore is known outside India as its IT capital. This is the place from where the best minds in software technology provide cutting-edge innovation to the whole world. However, Bangalore is much, much more than just IT. This place is a repository of rich ancient history and a junction where the old achievement shine with new accomplishments. Temples, forts, and forests of ancient vintage abound here. Here, food and music have evolved from centuries ago, and still keep evolving. And its salubrious climate keeps travelers happy and cheerful even as they cruise through the alleys of history and highways of modernity.

Rajasthan: Head from the south India Bangalore to the north of this country. On the northern most side of India is Rajasthan. It has been a gateway for invaders to India, and therefore, Rajasthan is always clad in heavy and resplendent armor. Rajasthan is thickly dotted with humungous forts that have acted as armors against invading forces. Not just in strength and enormity, these forts excel in artistry and architectural finery as well. As for the climate, it is harshly hot in day time and cold at night. It is a complete contrast to Bangalore, and therein lies its lessons for life.

Goa: Beaches, sun, and lot of fun. On the western coast of India, the Arabian Sea waves wash up the shores of a place called Goa. With its quant villages and scenic forests, Goa looks like a living and breathing picture postcard. At its edges, it has miles and miles of beaches. Get into a resort to soak up the luxury or put up in a homestay to learn more about Goa culture and enjoy its cuisine.

And the journey of India does not end with these; in fact, it does not even begin with these places. India has a lot more to offer. Your children will definitely be much rewarded and enriched in experience after a trip to India.

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