Five Things to Know When You Are in India

India, the country of variety is arguably the most diversified country in terms of culture, language, religion. It is also the second most populated country in the world. There are a few things that are essentially sewn to the life of the people in this country. Here are a few things that are worth mentioning.

The festive mood of Indians

The varied culture, religion and languages in this country have given way to a number of festivals celebrated here. The Indians are in a frolic mood all through the year. Each state celebrates different festivals. Dance, music, shopping and exotic delicacies are the major part of festivals of India. One would naturally understand that there is a festival corner with the behavior and mood of the people here

Modest dress code

Western dresses are the order of the day today but still you cannot avoid staring eyes when you walk around in skimpy tops and shorts in local areas. Mother India has some conservative ideas sticking around when it comes to what women wear. So people in India still prefer to wear modest and non-revealing dresses.

Traffic and crowd

It can take two to three hours to travel four to five miles on the Indian roads! Honking, bumper to bumper traffic is what one can see on the road during the peak hours of travel. Only an expert driver can dodge his way through the high speeding cars on the crowded roads. People wouldn’t follow traffic rules, and there is nothing called ‘in a line’ system. It wouldn’t be surprising for anyone if they happen to see a group of buffaloes sitting on the road causing a traffic jam!

Cricket frenzy

India is a country where Sachin is treated next to God. From an old man to a child would stay glued to the cricket commentary if India were playing against Pakistan. There is no doubt people call Cricket their religion. From hoardings, banners and advertisements on television, cricket plays a significant role in the life of the Indian


Tandoor delicacies, Biriyani, Pani Puri, Jalebis and the list goes on. India is the house for some lip smacking foods from the spiciest to the sweetest. India has a huge variety of regional cuisines. Due to the diversity of climate, soil, locally available fruits,vegetables herbs and spices, the cuisine varies in from region to region.

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