Breastfeeding a New Born in India

The first few hours after your baby is born are the most joyous and thrilling. The journey of raising your baby commences. Being a mother, it is only natural that you will feel confident once you are equipped with all the necessary tips and information needed. New parents should give extra care and attention towards their baby at this moment. This is when your little one is at greatest risk of getting infected with unwanted diseases. Breastfeeding gives your baby the ideal food that is needed at this moment and protects your baby from illness. It gives your baby the much needed healthy start and keeps you worry-free.

The deficiency of awareness on the advantages of breast feeding is a major concern and very prevalent in India. Along with that comes the availability of various substitutes of breast milk. These are the main reasons the newborn is deprived of the natural nourishment in India.

The practice of breastfeeding the newborn is on a decline in India. Most modern mothers in India, due to lack of time and for keeping a good body shape, are eager to feed infant formula foods to their newborn. A majority of mothers in India are still unaware of the benefits of breastfeeding and the fact that apart from being the  most appropriate food for the newborn, it also bonds the mother and baby emotionally.

People living in both the rural and urban areas in India follow ancestral superstitions and traditions of giving holy water from the shrines to babies. A lot of mothers believe and will actually advise you to avoid breastfeeding by saying that it is too complex and babies are unable to consume it. They rely on honey and holy water from temples for the first few days. Families in India are usually extended, with members staying under the same roof.  Family elders encourage new mothers to feed cow milk to babies, which is not suitable for infants and can lead to malnutrition and upset stomach.

Breast milk, being the most appropriate food for the newborn, leaves no alternatives to breast feeding.  Busy mothers can use pumps to extract the breast milk and preserve it. It is a good practice to ease into a regular breast feeding schedule which will ultimately keep your baby strong, healthy and lively.

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