Country: India

The Best Places to Study in India for International Students

Increasingly, students from around the world are flocking to India to study. In the past few years, campuses and universities in India have attracted growing interest from foreign students because of the quality of education being offered and the fact that education in India is very affordable compared to the costs in the West.

Indian universities and educational institutions are climbing up the ladder of success and being ranked higher in global ranking surveys. Moreover, Indian universities are gradually beginning to embrace international curriculum and credit rating systems to ensure that their degrees are in no way lesser to those being offered around the world. read more

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Life Lessons You Children Can Learn from India

Multi-faceted India can offer plenty of lessons to onlookers and can be an eye-opener. India offers a myriad of experiences – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  Young children, especially, can pick up a few critical life lessons while in India. Here are a few lessons you little ones can learn from their life in India.

Celebrating diversity

Few other countries in the world can offer the diversity that India does. You will see diversity in practically everything. From religion to people to languages to cuisine, India is a land of plentiful choices. And while there have been roadblocks, Indians have managed beautifully to accept each other’s choices and live, for the most part, in harmony. Every day in India is a celebration of its diversity and most Indians go out of their way to ensure that this peaceful co-existence is never broken. read more

How to Deal With Culture Shock in India

The Indian Subcontinent is a vastly diverse place that’s made up of many cultures and a variety of people. Foreigners who travel to India, especially those making their first trip, are usually unsure of what to expect and are taken aback by the enormous cultural difference they encounter the minute they set foot in the country. India can be exasperating but if you give it a chance it can be endearing as well. Here’s how you can deal with the obvious cultural differences when you travel to India: read more

Holiday Destinations for Kids – An Experience for The Body, Mind and Soul

Holiday destinations for kids are great many in number around the world, and therefore, there always remains some confusion about the right place to visit. India, with its numerous possibilities, with its fabulous tradition and ancient monuments, and its technology driven modernity is the best place to let kids understand the sheer greatness and scope of life.

In their formative years, kids need the whole spectrum of life to be exhibited before them; they need the whole rainbow of life in its different hues to unfold before them. This is how they imbibe the enormity of life and shape their outlook and goal in life. There is hardly any other place which offers a much in technical excellence, family traditions, spirituality, culture, and rich ancient history as does India. read more

Raising Kids in India

Parenting is a wonderful and wholesome experience. It is important that parents spend a lot of time in raising children and imparting them with proper values especially in their growing years. Here’s why you would strongly prefer raising up a child in a country like this which is so rich in its culture and values.

Family values – Growing up in an environment of elders could help a child learn how to respect others and love one and all. The children who grow in an environment of uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins tend to understand relationships better and can adjust with any people. There is a lot of importance given to siblings in this country. Children learn the importance to tolerance, caring for each other and sharing with each other. read more

Five Things to Know When You Are in India

India, the country of variety is arguably the most diversified country in terms of culture, language, religion. It is also the second most populated country in the world. There are a few things that are essentially sewn to the life of the people in this country. Here are a few things that are worth mentioning.

The festive mood of Indians

The varied culture, religion and languages in this country have given way to a number of festivals celebrated here. The Indians are in a frolic mood all through the year. Each state celebrates different festivals. Dance, music, shopping and exotic delicacies are the major part of festivals of India. One would naturally understand that there is a festival corner with the behavior and mood of the people here read more

Childcare Facilities in India

In the past, taking care of the child was mostly confined to the mother, family/extended family. As times changed and women started exploring opportunities to work, and then arose the question of “who would take care of my child when I am at work”. More than 30% of the women quit their jobs after childbirth mostly because they are insecure about the safety of the child in the hands of an outsider. The early years of childhood is very crucial in terms of mental, cognitive, physical and social development. So opting to send their child to a childcare facility is the only choice left. Here are the types of childcare facilities available in India read more

Vaccination in India

On one hand, India is one of the leading producers and exporters., of vaccines in the world, and on the other around one-third of the of world’s unimmunized children live in this country.  Statistics reveal that less than 45 percent of India’s newborns are given the full vaccination programme. Why this paradox?

The main causes can be attributed to meagre investment by the government, vaccination focal point being only on polio eradication and little attention to other immunizations, and low demand in the rural areas due to a poor education and fear of side effects. read more

Vaccination for your Newborn

Your baby’s first vaccination may be a bit of an ordeal, both for you and your baby. The tension and anxiety may be more if previous vaccinations did not go smoothly. It is important that you do a bit of research and then consult with a paediatrician about the vaccines your baby would require.

Overcoming the heart breaking moments of taking your baby for painful vaccinations and realizing the importance of vaccines is easier said than done. Nevertheless, forming a balance between the two is the essence of good parenting. It is not only the obligation on mothers to keep track of a baby’s vaccination schedule, but fathers have a big role to play here, too. It is the duty of fathers to console both the mother and baby during vaccination sessions and stay strong. Team work will eventually help you to cross the hurdle of vaccination without hiccups. read more

Tips for Breastfeeding in India

Mothers who breast feeding their babies may find it daunting initially. It can be quite overwhelming, and usually takes a while to ease into a nice routine.  New mothers breast feeding for the first time discover that it is difficult to start, while others may face problems at a later stage.

If you find it difficult to be available regularly for breast feeding, you may take the help of breast pumps to store the milk. This allows feeding babies even when you are not at home. The reassuring feeling that your baby is being feded the much needed breast milk while you are away from home, will relieve you from tension. Good quality pumps are available at most chain pharmacies or you can also get them online. Along with pumps, you can also use breast pads to avoid unwanted stains while you are on the go. read more

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