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Holiday Destinations for Kids – An Experience for The Body, Mind and Soul

Holiday destinations for kids are great many in number around the world, and therefore, there always remains some confusion about the right place to visit. India, with its numerous possibilities, with its fabulous tradition and ancient monuments, and its technology driven modernity is the best place to let kids understand the sheer greatness and scope of life.

In their formative years, kids need the whole spectrum of life to be exhibited before them; they need the whole rainbow of life in its different hues to unfold before them. This is how they imbibe the enormity of life and shape their outlook and goal in life. There is hardly any other place which offers a much in technical excellence, family traditions, spirituality, culture, and rich ancient history as does India. read more

A Truly Charming Place to Visit with Children

Malaysia is a charming place to visit with children. The mixed population of Malay, Chinese, Europeans and Indians has given a very colorful identity to this place, and this colorful identity has penetrated into all aspects of life in Malaysia.

Culture, cuisine, language, architecture, entertainment, and media, everything bears the imprint of this fabulous amalgamation of different cultures.

Malaysia has many great places to visit, both in the urban space and in the natural arena. In this article we will go through important Malaysian destinations carrying the stamps of its varied ethnic and religious population. read more