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Information Regarding Specific Kid-friendly Places in “Major” Cities in Malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia is an adventure. The country offers a mix of attractions from cultural monuments to fascinating forest environments. These attractions will delight any adult. However, if you are travelling with kids do not despair, Malaysia has many child friendly attractions to keep them entertained. These attractions are suitable for a large age group from your toddling three year old to your fiercely independent teenager.


If Johor is a stop on your tour through Malaysia make sure you stop of a Legoland Malaysia. This lego filled parks offers hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. read more

Things To Do With Your Kids In Singapore

If you are looking for an interesting and family-friendly location to travel with your kids, then Singapore in Asia is your best choice. The immaculate roads, friendly locals and spacious hotels make travel easy and convenient. It is a Mecca for arts and culture, as street vendors and designer stores sell a wide cornucopia of goods from food items to daily use items from around the world.

Here is a list of top Singapore attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends

Sentosa – This is designed like a theme park on an island. It can be reached by cable cars from the mainland which also offer scenic views of the city. At Sentosa, there are a wide variety of attractions that will take at least a couple of days to enjoy while staying at a hotel nearby. Besides the vast aquarium displaying a stupendous variety of fish, children can also play around with pink dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon or play at the waterpark. Movie buffs can enjoy the Universal Studios or experience the excitement of a volcano at Volcano land. read more

Know These Before Traveling to Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful place to visit. It is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Though it is crowded and confusing; it is not a daunting place to visit. People here are friendly and quite hospitable and appreciate foreign guests visiting their homeland. Here are a few things to keep in mind before travelling to Taiwan.

Food   – Taiwan is one of the best culinary centers in the world. Some foods like Oyster Omelette, Steamed dumpling, Stinking Tofu, Crushed Iced desert, Taiwanese Meatballs are some distinct delicacies. This country is heaven for non-vegetarians and street food lovers. Vegetarian food can be found in Buddhist eateries. Taiwan is famous for its tea, especially the oolong tea and green tea. read more

Giving Birth to a Baby in Taiwan

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Most of the parents would be worried about the facilities for childbirth, the pre-post natal care and the cost of delivery. Giving birth in a country like Taiwan which is a developed country, parents can be assured that they would be getting one of the best maternity care in the world. Childbirth is highly medicalized in Taiwan, but birthing centers and water birth is still available in some parts of Taiwan.

Expenses and insurance read more

Raising Kids in India

Parenting is a wonderful and wholesome experience. It is important that parents spend a lot of time in raising children and imparting them with proper values especially in their growing years. Here’s why you would strongly prefer raising up a child in a country like this which is so rich in its culture and values.

Family values – Growing up in an environment of elders could help a child learn how to respect others and love one and all. The children who grow in an environment of uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins tend to understand relationships better and can adjust with any people. There is a lot of importance given to siblings in this country. Children learn the importance to tolerance, caring for each other and sharing with each other. read more

Traditional Beliefs About Pregnancy in Taiwan

The Taiwanese have certain traditional and orthodox beliefs about women who are pregnant as per their culture, and certain superstitions, rituals and practises that they need to strictly adhere to while undergoing pregnancy.

Here is a brief list of certain dos and don’ts that the pregnant women of Taiwan are expected to adhere to in order to bear healthy and beautiful children:

  • Pregnant women are not supposed to lift their hands or arms above their heads as this may cause the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to stand on chairs or ladders for their own safety, lest they should fall and hurt the foetus.
  • Women who are carrying are advised not to jump or run as this could cause premature labour or even a miscarriage.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to work for very long hours or stand for too long, again for obvious reasons.
  • Another superstition in Taiwan is that pregnant women shouldn’t use a scissors or knife as this could cause the child to develop a cleft palate. Or it could even cause damage to the baby’s eyesight.
  • Another vague superstition is if the pregnant woman eats too much pineapple it could lead to a miscarriage. Eating too much shellfish could give your baby bad skin or a bad rash.
  • Pregnant women should be sure to drink lots of 100% pure fruit juice in order for their babies to have healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Another strange belief is that pregnant women in Taiwan mustn’t touch anything that is adhesive or sticky or even refrain from using glue during pregnancy as this could lead to your baby developing ugly birthmarks.
  • Looking at pictures or portraits of beautiful babies and children while carrying a child can give the baby in the pregnant woman’s womb beautiful looks too.
  • As much as possible, pregnant women shouldn’t allow themselves to get overworked, tensed, upset or stressed as this could cause the baby to develop a bad temper or an unstable personality or a bad temperament
  • Another pretty weird belief is to avoid building baby nurseries while the woman is still carrying the child. This is because the baby inside the woman’s womb should not be subjected to the noise of banging nails into walls or any similar forms of drilling noises.
  • read more

    Five Things to Know When You Are in India

    India, the country of variety is arguably the most diversified country in terms of culture, language, religion. It is also the second most populated country in the world. There are a few things that are essentially sewn to the life of the people in this country. Here are a few things that are worth mentioning.

    The festive mood of Indians

    The varied culture, religion and languages in this country have given way to a number of festivals celebrated here. The Indians are in a frolic mood all through the year. Each state celebrates different festivals. Dance, music, shopping and exotic delicacies are the major part of festivals of India. One would naturally understand that there is a festival corner with the behavior and mood of the people here read more

    Childcare Facilities in India

    In the past, taking care of the child was mostly confined to the mother, family/extended family. As times changed and women started exploring opportunities to work, and then arose the question of “who would take care of my child when I am at work”. More than 30% of the women quit their jobs after childbirth mostly because they are insecure about the safety of the child in the hands of an outsider. The early years of childhood is very crucial in terms of mental, cognitive, physical and social development. So opting to send their child to a childcare facility is the only choice left. Here are the types of childcare facilities available in India read more

    Working in Malaysia as an Expat

    With its largely cosmopolitan and educated population, Malaysia is a well-developed nation with industrialized economy and flourishing sectors of manufacturing and international trade. Even with a fairly large Muslim population the women of Malaysia are liberal and work in its banking and education sectors. Its young education population is moving into services sector like finance, healthcare and telecom services.

    Finding work

    For expats in Malaysia, finding work will not be an easy task and it is advisable to first get a job and then work towards obtaining a work and stay permit for obtaining temporary stay in the nation. An expat in Malaysia would have to present details about his past activities and job profile in his home nation so he can get work permit, tax id and other required paperwork to work in Malaysia. The nation is ably connected internally and externally with trains, buses and airways making it an ideal destination to work and enjoy with family. read more

    Things to Know About Pregnancy and Child Birth in Malaysia

    Expatriates in Malaysia will go through a whole new experience if they are expecting a baby and would like to get childbirth facilities in hospitals at Kuala Lumpur. The private hospitals in capital city of Kuala Lumpur offer all modern advantages including trained doctors, latest facilities and staff that are fluent in English. Besides the advantage of low costs, these hospitals also provide emergency facilities and top quality medical care under the supervision of experienced doctors and nurses. These hospitals combine traditional care and natural childbirth techniques within a medical environment to provide the best of both worlds to their patients. read more

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