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Raising a Child in Singapore

Singapore has always been a popular choice for parents all over the globe to raise their children. The country is culturally diverse, boasts of a very good education system and is a clean, safe city. These characteristics are enough to put Singapore as the second best country in the world with the best environment for children. Singapore has a close knit, diverse community with families from several ethnic backgrounds. Such an environment is certainly beneficial for the physical as well as mental well-being of your child. read more

Having a Baby in KL, Malaysia as an Expat

Having a baby in Malaysia may not be exactly the same thing as having a baby in your home nation particularly if you are originally a resident of any of the countries in West. But, having said so, there are several merits of giving birth to your baby in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Some of them include modern amenities, trained doctors from western countries, low cost of delivery and other medical expenses; several support groups and many more. The Malaysian Government as well as the medical community has been putting in all possible efforts to offer top-class medical facilities with a perfectly balanced blend of progressively thinking mindset and traditional but natural medicines. All the mentioned facilities are easily available within a contemporary medical environment in Malaysia. Thus, it is actually a win-win situation for all those expats who are giving birth in KL. read more

Place in Singapore your Kids will Love

If you’re living in a city with your kids, it is important that this city has a lot of activities that ca be done over the weekends or on holidays. Children get bored easily and it is imperative that they are involved in activities or go to different places for their overall development. Here are the top ten best attractions in Singapore that you can go to with your children:

1. Night safari at the zoo

Kids are always excited at the prospective of going to the zoo. While you can take your kids to the zoo during the day, the night safari at around 7 pm will be both new and exciting. read more

Education System in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular countries in the world where parents want to raise their children. One of the primary reasons for this is the excellent education that children receive there. Singapore has a lot of top notch international schools with a wide array of students from all over the globe. The learning is not restricted only to the curriculum, but a lot of other enriching activities as well. Most of the children who have been educated there are fluent in more than one language.

How does it work? read more

Child Raising in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is known for its contemporary facilities, lush greenery and pleasant weather. All these factors make the city a perfect place for raising children in Malaysia even if you are an expat. There are some fine options for your children’s schooling in the city and a string of activities and extra-curricular activities that are offered to the expat families who are moving to the city. The expats would thus find KL an easy city where they can keep their children happy and engaged. read more

Challenges While Raising your Child in Malaysia

Settling down in a new country to work and stay which is vastly different from your in terms of language and culture can be a big challenge to most people specially if this is their first overseas visit. The vast differences in culture of Europe and Asia along with varied food habits and languages may be a big challenge for Europeans but the warmth of local people and large number of restaurants offering a variety of cuisine can help them settle down in Malaysia soon. It is generally easier for small children to settle down in a foreign location and start make friends at school than for teenagers. The best option for Europeans trying to live and work in Malaysia with children would be stay close to large cities as they have the best schools and medical facilities where staff can converse in English. The most common challenge that an expatriate may face while raising a young child in Malaysia area: read more

Top Ten Things to Do With Your Kids in Bangkok

Having to take care of a child in a foreign country can be hard. Since you may already be unfamiliar with the city yourself, navigating your little one might require just a bit of research. Bangkok has a little something for everyone, and what follows is a list of ten things that you could do with your child today!

  • Siam Ocean World: Located two storeys beneath the Siam Paragon mall, this aquarium lets your child experience the life under the water. With over 30,000 creatures on display, both the variety and fame of its inhabitants can keep your child enthralled. With a 4D-Theater, a 270- degree underwater tunnel, and plenty of daily shows, this makes for an entertaining and educational outing. Open Daily: 9AM – 10PM
  • Safari World: About one hour away from Bangkok, the Safari World hosts animals and aquatic life. You can drive through the Safari Park, taking in all the sites, or go to the Marine Park, for its shows, souvenir shops and a more zoo-like setup. Open Daily: 9AM – 5PM.
  • Siam Park City: An amusement park with many attractions, it also has the largest wave pool in the world. A day full of thrill inducing rides, a water park, a dinosaur museum and rides made especially for children make this outing a pleasurable one. Open Daily: 10 Am – 6PM
  • Hajime Robot Restaurant: A Japanese restaurant with one main feature, the waiters here are robots. These waiters take care of everything from bring you your food, to livening things with a little song and dance. A one of a kind experience kids will love!
  • Siam Niramit: A stage show featuring over a hundred performers, this aims to bring to light Thai his and culture. Relying heavily on special effects, this show is bound to impress both children and adults alike. Show starts daily at 8PM.
  • Samut Prakan: Replicas of culturally relevant Thai buildings, Samut Prakan, or Ancient City is the ideal place to learn about Thailand’s history and culture. Open Daily: 8 AM to 5PM
  • Bangkok Doll’s Museum: Featuring work by the artist Khunying Thongkorn Chanthawimol, this museum showcases dolls that reflect Thailand’s tradition and culture. Open Daily: 8Am – 5PM
  • Bangkok Trickeye 3D Museum: Based around how art can be used to affect our perceptions, this interesting spot is both mind boggling and entertaining. Walk through the many exhibits and take in how placements and angles can change everything about the way we see the world around us. Open Daily: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: A treat for children, it is full of toys, clothes, electronics and pets. Open on weekends: 9Am – 6 PM
  • Parks: Bangkok is full of parts where you can take your children out for a fun and recreational evening. Some of the better knows parts are Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park and Lumpini Park.
  • read more

    Having a Baby in Thailand: Good Facilities at Reasonable Rates

    The joys of expectant motherhood come bundled with indescribable insecurities and worries. If you happen to be in a foreign country and are generally unaware of what to expect, the experience can be downright harrowing. Fortunately, Thailand has plenty of hospitals that can look after you and your baby. Unless you find yourself in a particularly rural area, most hospitals tend to have modern equipment and trained doctors. Nurses are trained in midwifery, although it is the doctor who normally handles the whole procedure. read more

    Pregnancy in Vietnam

    Geography and population

    Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with an estimated population of about 90.5 million as per census of 2014. It is a part of the Indochina peninsula. Amongst the most populated countries’ in the world it ranks as 13th and as 8th amongst the most populated in all of Asia.

    In Vietnamese culture it is preferred that they have large families, although with time this thought process has evolved, but mostly it is still remains a part of their tradition. As per a general Vietnamese belief an expecting mother mostly desires for a son more than a daughter because of the fact that a son supposedly carries on the family lineage. read more

    Five Pregnancy Myths from Thailand

    Thailand has a rich history. Complete with its own culture and tradition, an aspect of life that is seen in every day streets, the Thai people respect and trust their past. Complete with glorious history, comes a few strange concepts that have stuck around. These myths are harmless, but they are interesting in that they let you better understand Thai culture.

    Never attend a wedding if you are pregnant: Belief runs that if a pregnant woman attends a marriage, then the fates of the two parties may clash and cause the expecting mother to have a miscarriage. Similarly, attending funerals can be discouraged. Karma is very important, and any event that could potentially interfere with the mother and the baby must be avoided at all costs. read more

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