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Vaccination in India

On one hand, India is one of the leading producers and exporters., of vaccines in the world, and on the other around one-third of the of world’s unimmunized children live in this country.  Statistics reveal that less than 45 percent of India’s newborns are given the full vaccination programme. Why this paradox?

The main causes can be attributed to meagre investment by the government, vaccination focal point being only on polio eradication and little attention to other immunizations, and low demand in the rural areas due to a poor education and fear of side effects. read more

Vaccination for your Newborn

Your baby’s first vaccination may be a bit of an ordeal, both for you and your baby. The tension and anxiety may be more if previous vaccinations did not go smoothly. It is important that you do a bit of research and then consult with a paediatrician about the vaccines your baby would require.

Overcoming the heart breaking moments of taking your baby for painful vaccinations and realizing the importance of vaccines is easier said than done. Nevertheless, forming a balance between the two is the essence of good parenting. It is not only the obligation on mothers to keep track of a baby’s vaccination schedule, but fathers have a big role to play here, too. It is the duty of fathers to console both the mother and baby during vaccination sessions and stay strong. Team work will eventually help you to cross the hurdle of vaccination without hiccups. read more

Tips for Breastfeeding in India

Mothers who breast feeding their babies may find it daunting initially. It can be quite overwhelming, and usually takes a while to ease into a nice routine.  New mothers breast feeding for the first time discover that it is difficult to start, while others may face problems at a later stage.

If you find it difficult to be available regularly for breast feeding, you may take the help of breast pumps to store the milk. This allows feeding babies even when you are not at home. The reassuring feeling that your baby is being feded the much needed breast milk while you are away from home, will relieve you from tension. Good quality pumps are available at most chain pharmacies or you can also get them online. Along with pumps, you can also use breast pads to avoid unwanted stains while you are on the go. read more

Breastfeeding a New Born in India

The first few hours after your baby is born are the most joyous and thrilling. The journey of raising your baby commences. Being a mother, it is only natural that you will feel confident once you are equipped with all the necessary tips and information needed. New parents should give extra care and attention towards their baby at this moment. This is when your little one is at greatest risk of getting infected with unwanted diseases. Breastfeeding gives your baby the ideal food that is needed at this moment and protects your baby from illness. It gives your baby the much needed healthy start and keeps you worry-free. read more

Child Raising in India

The stage of pregnancy might have left you exhausted, but the bliss of your child holding your fingers for the first time will leave you replenished. Parents always dream of giving a cherished childhood to their little ones, a childhood that is filled with sweet and colorful memories. The experience of raising a child is mixed one. It is filled with sweet memories of your child calling you ‘mommy’ for the first time or walking the first steps and the “not so sweet” memories of waking up at 3AM in the morning to change diapers. read more

Pregnancy in India

Along with pregnancy comes a myriad of responsibilities. Starting from a safe pregnancy to post-pregnancy care of your baby, the journey can be daunting. Putting in the “abroad’ factor into this journey can make it even more challenging. Being away from family and friends, along with the cultural differences, can have a big impact on your confidence. But, being pregnant in India you can expect to be inundated with advice from every corner. You might feel overwhelmed with suggestions and opinions and you really have to streamline the advice from your well-wishers and at the same time make sure that you are equipped with all the information you need. Adapting to the foreign environment can be crucial on having a healthy pregnancy and subsequent delivery. read more